eponym (plural eponyms)

  1. A person whose name has become identified with a particular object or activity.
  2. A word formed from a person’s name, e.g. stentorian after the Greek herald Stentor.
  3. The hero of a book, film etc. having the character’s name as its title, e.g. Robinson Crusoe.
  4. (healthcare) A condition, disease or disorder named after a particular clinician or patient, e.g. Alzheimer’s Disease, named after the neurologist Alois Alzheimer.

6 letters in word "eponym": E M N O P Y.

No anagrams for eponym found in this word list.

Words found within eponym:

em en eon me men meno mo moe mon money mony mop mope mopey mopy moy my myope ne nep no nom nome nope noy ny nye oe om omen on one op ope open oy oye pe pen peon peony po poem pom pome pone poney pony pye pyne ye yen yep ympe yo yom yomp yon